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2018 Ford Mustang Inspires Orange Fury Ice Cream

Free Mustang-inspired ice cream this weekend! Ford and Los Angeles-based Coolhaus launched a limited edition Mustang-inspired Orange Fury ice cream sandwich, just in time for National Ice Cream Day on Sunday. A Coolhaus ice cream truck outfitted with 2018 Mustang decals will give away free ice cream sandwiches in New ...

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Mophie Charge Force cases for iPhone 7 and Galaxy S8, Juice Packs for Galaxy S8: hands-on

Android phones have had wireless charging capability for years and indications are that Apple may finally be adding it to the next iPhone. Mophie delivers products that add wireless charging capability to iPhones and the latest cases I tested are designed to be paired with a small battery pack for ...

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Facebook tests a GIF maker on iOS

Facebook confirmed it has begun testing a new GIF maker in the camera feature of the main Facebook mobile application. The feature, which is available with the tap of a button at the top of the screen, lets you shoot footage that you can then save in GIF format to ...

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VCs in the land of the redwoods need to stand taller and address gender inequality

The VC industry has come under scrutiny recently as several stories of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior toward women have emerged. This behavior is unacceptable in every possible way.  However, to truly address this problem, we have to acknowledge the larger issue of gender bias within our culture, which unfortunately ...

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