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DeLorean Owner Repurposes iPad Mini as Infotainment Console

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In addition to a reputation for lacking reliability, the early 80s electronics of the DeLorean DMC-12 aren’t quite what you’d call modern. Seeking to fix both at the same time, Imgur user TheKingOfDub, brought his 1982 DMC-12 “into this century” using his knowledge of electrical engineering and an iPad Mini.

Using a relay strip from TinySine, a Bluetooth Bee, a 12V-5V converter, and a switch for disabling the system in case of an emergency, he tied the iPad mini into the car’s electrical systems and can now use it to control almost every function of the car. These include opening the DMC-12’s windows, gullwing doors, and trunk, playing music through the car’s stereo, reading outside air temp, navigation through Google Maps, and more.

TheKingofDub also installed a wireless backup camera that sits on the car’s license plate frame. According to the owner, the camera has its own WiFi network so it “is always on when the ignition is on-not just when in reverse-so you can use it when driving to get a good view of what’s going on behind you.” Especially since the rear visibility isn’t exactly wide-open and because the owner also has his windows tinted.

The Imgur post includes a detailed explanation of all the back-end programing as well as the designs he generated for the app’s screens. You can read more about the full in this reddit thread, where TheKingofDub has answered a number of questions.

Will this become a new trend among DMC-12 owners? Or is this just one man’s quest to make his DeLorean a little more livable?

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