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HP unveils two new Pavilion all-in-one PCs starting at $750

July 26, 2017 PC & Laptops Leave a comment 224 Views


HP’s revamped Pavilion all-in-one PC.

It’s been a bit quiet on the PC front of late, but expect things to heat up soon with back-to-school shopping on the horizon. HP jumps the gun a little with the launch of a pair of refreshed Pavilion all-in-one (AIO) desktops today.

While it’s not a complete overhaul, the new AIOs — the Pavilion 24 and Pavilion 27, with respective screen sizes of 23.8 and 27 inches — get a substantial makeover from previous models. For starters, the display bezel has been shaved down to as narrow as 8.5mm, which HP says is about 40 percent slimmer than past Pavilion AIOs. Audio is provided by B&O Play with a fabric cover over the speakers helping to deliver richer sound reproduction. The exterior also includes a “privacy” HD webcam that can be retracted into the display housing when it’s not in use to foil potential online snoopers.

Inside, the new Pavilion systems get a processor upgrade with the latest Intel Core CPUs, and the Pavilion 27 is among the first PCs to feature Intel’s Optane Memory, which can accelerate performance by caching frequently used data in its 16GB of storage. You can also choose a hard drive, an SSD, or both for the remainder of your storage needs. An AMD Radeon 530 graphics card is an option for those who need more video firepower than Intel’s integrated graphics provide.

While pricing for various configurations has not been released yet, we do know that the starting price for the new all-in-ones will begin at $749.99. More details on the revamped Pavilions is available on HP’s product page


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