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Indigo subsea cable system chooses NextDC datacentres


The Indigo subsea telecommunications cable will land in NextDC’s Perth and Sydney datacentres, the companies have announced.

The cable will connect to NextDC’s 6MW P1 and 16MW S1 datacentres, as well as the upcoming 20MW P2 and 30MW S2 datacentres, with the company saying it will be NextDC’s first P2 customer.

NextDC had in April said it would be raising AU$281 million for three new datacentre sites in Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne.

The provider in August announced a net profit of AU$6.6 million

for FY18 on revenue of AU$161.5 million, AU$152.6 million of which was datacentre services revenue.

Being built by Telstra, SubPartners, Google, Singtel, AARNet, Indosat Ooredoo, and Alcatel Submarine Networks, the Indigo cable will span around 9,000km, connecting Sydney, Perth, Singapore, and Jakarta. It has two fibre pairs.

According to SubParters, the submarine cable’s construction remains on track, and will see the 36Tbps system go live in mid-2019.

The Indigo consortium last month completed its landing in Sydney at Coogee Beach, with the Central cable to be installed by early December.

“The Indigo cable system will utilise new spectrum sharing technology so each consortium member will have the ability to independently take advantage of technology advancements for future upgrades and capacity increases on demand,” the consortium said.

Telstra had in September announced the completion of the landing of Indigo West at Floreat Beach, Perth, with the 2,400km cable segment between Christmas Island and Perth having been laid.

Superloop completed the marine survey, cable system manufacturing and factory testing for both Indigo West and Indigo Central

in August, as well as the drilling phase in Sydney for the landing of two subsea cables, installation of the beach manhole in Sydney for Indigo Central, and an agreement to provide its second landing facility to Southern Cross.

The Indigo Central final splice is expected to be complete in early December, and the Indigo West final splice in late December.

Superloop had acquired SubPartners for $2.5 million back in April 2017 just after the initial Indigo subsea cable announcement

, saying it would provide the company with APAC submarine cable capacity and assets across the region.

Superloop had at the start of last year similarly announced that it would establish a point of presence at NextDC’s C1 datacentre in Canberra.

“I’ve worked with NextDC since its first facility, B1, opened in Brisbane,” Superloop CTO Ryan Crouch said in March 2017.

“This partnership between Superloop and NextDC has resulted in continual growth in collocation and network services for customers, and has seen our businesses grow in tandem.”

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