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Microsoft will reveal Project Scorpio Xbox console details at E3 on June 11

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Microsoft just sent out invites to members of the media for its big reveal of Xbox Project Scorpio, the upgraded console that will be the “first true 4K console for gamers” according to the company. We’ve long expected E3’s press event to be the big consumer debut for Scorpio, but Microsoft spelled out that it will indeed be the star of the show in a blog post on Thursday.

The E3 press event will happen on Sunday, June 11 at 2 PM PDT (5 PM EDT), and will fully unveil Scorpio to the world. We’ve seen a lot in terms of technical details behind the forthcoming console, thanks to comprehensive reports about what the developer kits for the Scorpio contain, and the specs developers have been provided in order to help them prepare software for the device’s consumer launch.

Some topline specs to get you excited – Scorpio’s GPU is around 4.5x as powerful as the Xbox One, and 1.4x more powerful than the PlayStation 4 Pro. It’ll also have an integrated power brick so you just have to hide a single, svelte cord, and it’ll feature an integrated 4K Blu-ray player.

We’ll find out what the final consumer console looks like at E3, and hopefully when to expect it and how much it’ll cost. For now, here’s a peek at what the developer kit hardware looks like, courtesy of Gamasutra, which could provide some hints about the shipping console’s industrial design:

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