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SoundShare’s new app lets you create playlists with friends, stream them to Apple TV

SoundShare, an app that lets you text your friends entire songs, was already one of the more clever iOS applications available. Recently, the app rolled out an update that introduces a redesign and whole new experience called “Party Mode,” that lets friends play songs through your device – like at get-togethers, where everyone wants to hear their favorite music. These collaboratively chosen songs can also stream through YouTube to your Apple TV, by way of AirPlay.

While there are other apps that support sharing music with friends – Apple Music has an iMessage app, as does Spotify – the benefit to using SoundShare is that you and your friends don’t have to be on the same service.

The app supports sharing music – including individual tracks and playlists – that can be streamed via Spotify, Apple Music, or Deezer, as well as YouTube.

By default, the app uses iTunes as the music search engine and YouTube as the audio source.

But if you connect your preferred music service account to the app, SoundShare replaces the search engine and audio source with your music service. The songs will also play in your music service’s player, instead of in SoundShare’s in-app player, after you’re linked up.

In practice, what this means is that you can search on your connected Spotify account for a song then send it over to a friend, who can listen to it using their Apple Music account.

However, if you prefer to watch the music videos when receiving songs, you can now opt to make YouTube your default player.

There’s a social element, too, allowing friends to see each others’ listens and shares (unless they’re using the new “stealth mode.”)